I have decided to start my blog with a post about values, and the importance they have when it comes to make decisions.


My last job was not the one I envisioned when I decided to take their offer two years ago. I got involved in projects with people that did not share my same principles and values.

That situation ended up causing me stress and anxiety, affecting my well-being and the ones that surrounded me.

I decided to quit, and take some time off to find a different job in a company with a team that match my values.

Why are values so important?

It is about knowing what you stand for. Values serve as a behavioural compass helping you to make decisions, and when confronted with a difficult situation they will help to make the right decision.

I have created this infographic values to make the following explanation a little bit more visual.

  1. People. I really value environments where people development is put as priority number one. As a karma believer, I believe that if people around you are happy, you will experience and get the best of them, making your life happier too.
  2. Open-minded. No judging. Nobody likes to be judged, I like open-minded environments where people feels comfortable to express their opinion freely. This generates great brainstorming sessions with open discussions that will bring new ideas to empower innovation.
  3. Quality. After experiencing a quantity over quality culture, I came to realise that quality was my main motivation at work, deliver quality kept me motivated gave me a sense of purpose and direction. Wit no quality standards in mind I am lost.
  4. Honesty. Honesty is key for success. It helps when it comes to self-reflection, humanises people and therefore helps to build rapport. Encourages self acceptance and generates a climate of safety that improves quality and life.
  5. Passion. What is life without passion? Passion wakes you up in the morning with the desire of improving and doing your work at your best.
  6. Leadership. Taking responsibility for your decisions, and actions. Environments that encourage a leadership culture is one with self-reflection, balance to see problems from different angles, self-confidence accepting yourself as you are and genuine humility.
  7. Teamwork. Promotes a culture of sharing, solidarity and empowers a feeling of camaraderie. I love environments where coworkers get to share information and help each other in a fun environment.
  8. Autonomy. That great feeling of satisfaction when you have autonomy to decide your work schedule, what tools to use. This post here explains it pretty well.
  9. Trust. Trust is the base of any relationship in life, and as such it enforces connection between people, generates recognition and creates a sense of belonging.

These are my values, I encourage you to write yours down and stand for them, you will get more satisfaction once you start doing it.