Last week I stumbled upon a blog post about CodeFor, I became instantaneously curious about it as their values and ideas seemed to be pretty aligned with the smart citizens, I did a research about them and I decided to write a post about them.


In this idea of raising more smart citizens and helping our governments to become a 21st century government, a government for people, codeFor institutions are making an impact and creating value.

Starting with codeforall and moving to the different branches like codeforeurope, codeforamerica, codeforgermany, codefornetherlands ... The idea is to create digital resources, tools and practices that result in stronger local communities and more responsive and effective government.

What does that mean? It means that as a citizen we can help to build a better society through cooperation and with the help of technology.


The initiative is once more a value first initiative, and all the institutions work under the same principles:

  • Show what’s possible.

  • Build for and with citizens.

  • Improve government and civil society, not politics.

  • Operate in public.

  • Help build an ecosystem.

You can get a more clear overview of the principles here.

Coding for public good

There have been many real examples of apps created by the local community that contributed to the society like Yaxi in Mexico DF. An app which goal is to verify if the taxi you are about to jump in is legal and safe, as this is a big concern in the city. The app helped to build trust between citizens and the taxi drivers in the program.

In Chicago for example, developers helped the council town to collect information about food poisoning outbreaks

In Boston, the citizens connect app, now be BOS:311 that was used for help and information, nothing innovative so far. The point here is that this app connected every citizen, so you could actually help and solve the problem that one of your neighbours reported on the app. The government here has played an important role, connecting people and strengthen the community, citizens helping each other.

You can explore more ideas and apps that have created value in code for america 2015 awards.

We own our data

Governments need to understand this, all public data has to be open by default and available to everyone.

Economic analysis has confirmed the significant contribution to economic growth and productivity achievable through an open data agenda.

Governments, the private sector, individuals and communities all stand to benefit from the innovation and information that will inform investment, drive the creation of new industries, and inform decision making and research. Open data could achieve more than half of the G20’s 2% growth target.

If you want to contribute with your own data you can certify your open data through open data institute.

Help the movement to grow

You can help to grow the movement and join as a brigade network member, you can find more information in coderforall website.

Watch the video and get the extra motivation you need to join.