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Happy new year

31st December 2016

Making the most out of the last days of this incredible 2016.

It is been quiet an exciting year, many things have happened and it is time to recap here :)

Despite of all the political changes (Brexit, Trump presidency ...) that have come to prove polls as a source of distrust, personally I feel like this has been a year of personal growth and development as none before.

I have got my PSPOI (Professional Product Owner Certification) which is something I had been working on for a long time. I definitely see myself taking this role in a near future, maybe 2017.

I have read some good books too, like "The Innovator's dilemma", Hooked: The variable reward or 4-Hour Workweek.

I have finally started up a new hobby "home brewing" which have made me learn more about beer and maker culture. It has also got me into this addictive Untappd app. Sometimes I feel embarrassed when I tell my number of distinct check ins :D. You can find me as XileBurela.

Musically, I have developed my guitar skills to the next level and I feel more comfortable using arpeggios and inversions which has given me more freedom to improvise and to enjoy even more while playing with my friends. This is what I am talking about.

I have fulfilled one of my dreams since I was a child. I have been to Cuba. Yes, it is weird I know but Cuba has always been in my mind since I was a child mainly because of music. Musicians like Compay Segundo, Pablo Milanes or Silvio Rodriguez were part of me since my early childhood. Being a Spanish speaker has made this trip a great experience in many different ways.

I have run Amsterdam Half Marathon, something that seemed unfeasible and crazy a year ago :) I finished it against the odds. I got injured a month before the race however with the support of my girlfriend and my fantastic physiotherapist I managed to finish it in 2 hours and 10 minutes. Anyway the best lesson learnt out of this experience is that unfortunately Bruce, I was not born to run :D

I also crossed out one other thing in my bucket list, SkyDiving :D an awesome experience if you have never done it and you like adrenaline then you must do it.

2017: Time to keep growing

I have already outlined my priorities for 2017 and I am signing here my contract for 2017 :) I have grouped them in different areas:


I am looking for my next challenge. Freelancing is one of the career options I have been considering lately however I would not reject any other option if it is interesting, what I know for sure is that I want to meet passionated people that love learning while having fun.


I plan to start brewing all grain and I have already selected a couple of recipes I would like to try. This year I plan to brew a porter, an IPA and a Dubbel.

I am going to prepare myself for the Beer Judge Certification as I want to expand my knowledge about brewing techniques and beer in general.


We are going to have some fun :) myself and some friends are planning to set up a band. We have already found the place to practice and so the idea is to start with a couple of songs and keep developing our repertoire slowly.

I will involve also more time developing my ear and my speed when it comes to improv and notes.


I would like to visit Africa this year. We have been thinking of Senegal and Tanzania as potential destinations. I have heard so many good things about Africa that I feel intrigued by that continent.

To finalize

I just want to wish all of you a fantastic 2017, keep looking on the bright side of life and enjoy every minute as it was the last one. Above all I wish you health and happiness. Have a great year!! And enjoy the life!!

I leave you here a song from Kaleo, a band I have discovered this 2016 and that I love, his voice is simply amazing.

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