I have been for a short break in my homeland and it felt amazing. It had been 8 months since the last time and it was superb.

During these last two weeks I had enough time to finish Start with Why, a book I have enjoyed a lot and I started drafting my new app.

Only 3 weeks to my parental leave and I am looking forward to it.

The picture of this week post, I took it in Hiroshima. It is the only building standing after the U.S dropped the nuclear bomb. One of the most heartbreaking experiences in my life was the visit to that museum, it is difficult to believe that human race can do that to each other.

Start with WHY: Find the balance

From the last part of the book Simon Sinek stresses again the importance of the balance between the WHY, HOW and the WHAT.

It is clear that to become a great leader you need clarity in your WHY, charisma comes mainly from an absolute conviction in an ideal.

The pessimists are usually ritght but it's the optimists who change the world.

Those who have a clear WHY need those that know the HOW. WHY types are normally the visionaries the ones with the overactive imagination. They tend to be optimistis who believe that all the things they imagine can actually be accomplished. HOW types live more in the here and now. They are the realists and have a clearer sense of all things practical.

As we said in the previous posts companies with a clear WHY tend to have a very strong culture, and the people that choose them feel attached to them as they represend them in a way. Those companies don't function like corporates. They exist as social movements. Think about, Apple, Harley Davison ...

One good way to test your WHY is via the Celery Test

I found specially interesting the chapter about Simon Sinek as an enterpreneur and his search for WHY.

I have really enjoyed this book, and I truly believe in the power of a clear WHY, I am currently in redefining my WHY.

Foodwise: Leek quiche

I have discovered quiches 7 years ago when I was working in Ireland and it has not been since 3 years ago that we started cooking them at home. Simple (if you don't make the dough yourself), tasty and filling.

You can find the recipe in this link, below image shows the result.


Quote of the week

This one I found it while reading Start with WHY.

Pessimists are usually right and optimists are usually wrong but all the great changes have been accomplished by optimists. - Thomas Friedman

The song

As this weekend the Eurovision contest will take place in Israel, I picked Sweeden as my favourite.